The Places I've Read √

The Places I've Read 2017
I really enjoyed keeping a map in 2016 and I haven't seen the challenge for it yet.  If it turns up, I'll use this map for that instead.

Otherwise, I'm going to fill up the map with the places I've visited in my books.  I can't wait to see how many states I visit!  And I'm challenging myself to visit *at least* 10 countries!  If a book has a bunch of locations, I'll only choose two countries and they have to be actually important to the story.

Countries:  ~ Completed July 25, 2017!
1.  United States
2.  Iceland
3.  Solomon Islands
4.  England
5.  Germany
6.  Poland
7.  Australia ~ furthest away - 10,261 miles!!
8.  Antarctica (I know, it's a continent not a country but still...)
9.  Turkey
10.  Ukraine
11.  Greece

Alabama     Alaska     Arizona     Arkansas     California     Colorado     Connecticut     Delaware     Florida     Georgia     Hawaii     Idaho     Illinois     Indiana     Iowa     Kansas     Kentucky     Louisiana     Maine     Maryland     Massachusetts     Michigan     Minnesota     Mississippi     Missouri     Montana     Nebraska     Nevada     New Hampshire     New Jersey     New Mexico     New York     North Carolina     North Dakota     Ohio     Oklahoma     Oregon     Pennsylvania     Rhode Island     South Carolina     South Dakota     Tennessee     Texas     Utah     Vermont     Virginia     Washington    Washington, DC     West Virginia     Wisconsin     Wyoming

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