September 6, 2012

Haven's Blight by James Axler

Title: Haven's Blight
Author: James Axler

Format: PB
Pages: 317
Genre: Science Fiction / Action & Adventure

Publisher: Gold Eagle, 2012
ISBN-13:    978-0373626120
Series: Deathlands, Book 103

Favorite Quote:  "I want it, too.  What you all want.  An end to constant running and gunning.  Peace.  Sanctuary.  I promise one day we'll find it -- home."

Blunt Force

The future rose from the ashes of nuke-scorched America with a vengeance. The unchecked wrath of Deathlands pits Ryan Cawdor and his companions against long odds. But their skill as survivors, strategists and warriors is unmatched and they've held on to something more precious than life: their humanity. They nurture the hope that somewhere, hidden amidst the grotesquerie of a tortured land, safety and sanctuary awaits.

Random Generator

Bartering their expertise to a nautical band of brilliant technomads, Ryan's group finds trouble waiting in the steaming, fetid swamplands of the Louisiana Gulf. Merciless storms and pirates strand them in Haven. But the barony's inviting name masks a ville hijacked by fear, territorial conflict and monstrous horror. With the gravely injured Krysty Wroth's fate uncertain, a desperate Ryan aids the strange but hospitable Baron Blackwell in his effort to save Haven from a genetic blood curse. He'll succeed, provided his luck -- and his options -- don't run out first.

Review:  Fun, fun, fun.  I really liked this one, with the magic and mystery and all the action.

Rating:  8 / 10

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