May 25, 2015

The Walking by Bentley Little

Title:  The Walking
Author:  Bentley Little
Pages:  373
Genre:  Horror
Publisher:  Signet, 2000

Synopsis:  It begins in a small Southwestern town. Then it spreads. Across the country a series of strange deaths have overtaken the living. And a stranger compulsion has overtaken the dead.

In a travesty of life they drift with bizarre purpose toward an unknown destination. The walkers have become an obsession for investigator Miles Huerdeen. His father is one of them.

Now, lured into the shadow of the restless dead, Miles is a step closer to a secret as old as a reality as dark as hell. For Miles is following them into the deep end of an unfathomable nightmare.

Review:  Witches, monsters and dead people walking around.  What's not to love?  This story is actually pretty good, not great, but certainly a fine story to pick up on a dark and stormy night.

What intrigued me the most is that the dead people are called Walkers.  This book was published before the first of the Walking Dead comics and certainly before the first of the television episodes, so I must wonder if this author was the inspiration for at least part of the idea and the name.

I liked how the story kept going from the past at Wolf Canyon to the present in whatever location the main characters are in.  It kept the story fresh and allowed you to slowly begin to understand what was happening to Miles and his friends.

Rating:  5 / 10

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