August 28, 2015

Finder's Bane by Kate Novak & Jeff Grubb

Title:  Finder's Bane
Author:  Kate Novak and Jeff Grubb
Pages:  314
Genre:  Fantasy
Publisher:  TSR, 1997

Synopsis:  When Joel became a priest of the new god Finder, he knew it meant forfeiting the honor and security of his position as a master bard. Now his freedom and his very life are at stake as powers of evil embroil the priests of Finder in a struggle against a plot to resurrect the dead god Bane. — With his only allies the young freedom fighter Holly Harrowslough, the mysterious winged woman Jas, and the aging priest Jedidiah, Joel embarks on a mission to recover the Hand of Bane. His quest leads him from the Realms all the way to the extra-planar city of Sigil. There Joel must rely on all his courage, wisdom, and strength to thwart the return of Bane the Tyrant and rescue the god Finder from imminent death.

Review:  I read another trilogy by these same two authors a long time ago.  I kept promising myself to read another because, while they aren't exactly high literature, these two made series fantasy entertaining.  I am happy to report that this book is the same.  Fast-paced, fast to read, plenty of action and laughs, this book is everything I wanted right now.

Finder and Grypt are the only characters from last go around, but they did mention in passing Alias, the main character from the last trilogy.  Meanwhile, I still like Finder a great deal.  While Holly is a little irritating, she's also so nice you can't help but like her.  Joel is still learning his way and I'm not quite sure whether he'll turn out to be a great character yet or not.

Considering that this is part of the huge Forgotten Realms franchise, this is a really good book.  I've already got the next book in the trilogy ready to go.

Rating:  8 / 10

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