March 18, 2016

The Friday 56 and Book Beginnings #11

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Title:  Revival
Author:  Stephen King
The Beginning:  In one way, at least, our lives really are like movies.  The main cast consists of your family and friends.  The supporting cast is made up of neighbors, co-workers, teachers, and daily acquaintances.  There are also bit players:  the supermarket checkout girl with the pretty smile, the friendly bartender at the local watering hole, the guys you work out with at the gym three days a week.  And there are thousands of extras -- those people who flow through every life like water through a sieve, seen once and never again.

The Friday 56:  "You don't know.  You don't understand.  It was terrible because it was no one's fault.  Certainly not George Barton's.  He simply had a seizure."

Comment:  I have no idea yet where this novel is headed, but it's been impossible to put down so far!


  1. I really like the beginning! I need to get into some Stephen King novels I might start with this since you can't out it down. Thanks for sharing!

    Danica @ A Redheaded Bookworm

  2. This is a good one! You have a lot coming at you!

    My 56 - Laura @ fuonlyknew

  3. I'm not surprised to hear that you are finding it difficult to put the book down, it's Stephen King! Gah! I hope you end up enjoying it :)

  4. Stephen King and I do not get along. :)

    Too scary for me.


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