July 14, 2016

Mid July 2016 Wrap-Up

For June 13th through today, I have plenty of news!  I completed my original goal for the Outdo Yourself Reading Challenge and so I upgraded to the highest level!  I feel confident that I'll make it.  I also reached my original goal in the Mount TBR Reading Challenge and so, once again, I upgraded, doubling my goal!  I'm so excited!

I haven't completed any new challenges (except the two I upgraded) this time around, but I'm down now to the harder challenges and I'm on track to finish them.

My favorite book is easy again this time around!  Gray Mountain by John Grisham was so very good!

I visited 5 more states for the Around the World Reading Challenge - total 27!  I did include the District of Columbia on my list but even if I hadn't, I'm over half-way through the nation!

It's been such a fabulous year for me.  I just love how much time I have now for reading!

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