January 17, 2017

The House of Bairn by Thomas K. Martin

Title:  The House of Bairn
Author:  Thomas K. Martin
Pages:  292
Genre:  Fantasy
Publisher:  ACE, 1999
Series:  MageLord, Book 3

Synopsis: The enthralling conclusion to the Magelord Trilogy!

An ancient legend of fear still holds the land in its grip. While those with the Power flee King Gavin's wrath, Bjorn, a simple hunter, discovers that he has this same outlawed ability. Persued by the king's legions, Bjorn conjures an escape--and is transported into the past. Now he must marshal his ancestors in order to bring those held down by fear to a new future. For the pain and anguish of his memories must never be repeated...

Review:  Well, this was a really great ending to a wonderful series.  It was well-written and completely engaging.  It was also fun and exciting.  This entire series touched on questions of freedom and morality and the abuse of power, but this one really took those subjects to heart.  It made for a very good tale that forces the reader to think about these topics.

Time travel (and space travel...sort of) are involved and it sets up an interesting twist in the entire story.  I am sorry to be done because I had really come to enjoy all of the characters, both bad and good.

Rating:  8.5 / 10

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