January 29, 2011

The Scions of Shannara by Terry Brooks

Title:  The Scions of Shannara
Author:  Terry Brooks
Format:  PB
Pages:  419
Genre:  Fantasy
Publisher:  Del Rey, 1991
ISBN-13:  978-0345370747
Series:  Shannara, Book 4

Favorite Quote:  "Because he's my brother!"  Coll's voice cracked like a whip, and his rough features were hard.  But when he spoke next, his voice was strangely soft.  "It has to be me; it's why I came in the first place.  It's why I'm here at all."

Synopsis (Amazon):  Since the death of Allanon, life in the Four Lands has drastially changed. Yet Par Ohmsford still has some power of the Wishsong. And when a message from the ancient Druid, Allanon, reaches them, Par is ordered to recover the long-lost Sword of Shinnara, and the glory that once was the Four Lands....

Review:  I'm starting to see a trend here.  Terry Brooks seems to have slipped into using the same formula over and over again.  Take young members of the Ohmsford family, add in a druid or a former druid or a druid's ghost, mix in a powerful and evil entity.  Shake it all together and top off with a nearly impossible quest to save the world from said evil entity.  This book wasn't bad.  It wasn't great either.  It was a good enough piece of fiction, but I'm beginning to feel like I shouldn't be trying to read the whole series at once.  The similarities in the story lines are wearing thin.  So far, The Elfstones of Shannara is the only book from this series that I would hate to have missed out on.  However, I've heard the best is yet to come, so I will try to persevere.

Rating:  3 / 5

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