January 26, 2011

For Theo

A good friend of mine died last night.  He was 57 and had a heart attack.  He was an avid reader and an incredible musician.  He introduced me to Harlan Ellison and Tom Robbins.  I introduced him to Stephen King and John Grisham.  We were complete opposites, but he was one of my best friends.  He'll be sorely missed.

So, in remembrance, I'm suggesting to anybody who will listen -- read some Harlan Ellison and Tom Robbins.  I can personally recommend these fine books:

Paingod and Other Delusions 
by Harlan Ellison

Jitterbug Perfume
by Tom Robbins

Both of these authors write incredible, abstract, wild stories.  Ellison has a great sense of humor if you look for it.  Robbins is just plain odd, but in a really good way.


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