July 25, 2011

High Summer Read-A-Thon Mini Challenge #2

This challenge is being held by Book Snob and the task is to find pictures relating to the book I'm reading.

The main character, the English patient, whose name is as yet unknown to me, often speaks of the sand sea which he crashed into and traveled across to get to the hospital.

The English patient was a WWII pilot who crashed in the desert, burnt and with no memory of who he was.

The Villa San Girolamo, which was formerly a convent, is where the patient and nurse, Hana, stay after the war is over.  This is a picture of the real Villa San Girolamo.

This is a picture of the city of Fiesole, Italy, which is near Florence.  It is the town where the Villa San Girolamo actually is.

And, here is a picture of the front cover artwork.  I've always wanted to go to Italy.  This story and these pictures make me want to go even more.


  1. Great job! Such awesome images. I haven't read the book, but I loved the movie.

  2. Ah! I need to read The English Patient sometime. Love the picture of Fiesole!...I hope I get to see Italy some day....

  3. OMG, i love that movie. I need to read the book. I have always wanted to fly in a open type of place where my scarf flies in the wind and I get to were flight goggles.

  4. Hi Julie,
    I've got this on my TBR List. It sounds really good. Love the pictures you picked out, makes it seem so much more real. Have a great day!

    Just Books


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