October 7, 2011

Interest of Justice by Nancy Taylor Rosenberg

Title:  Interest of Justice
Author:  Nancy Taylor Rosenberg
Format:  HC
Pages:  368
Genre: Thriller
Publisher:  Dutton, 1993
ISBN-13:  978-0525936800
Series: Stand Alone

Favorite Quote:  "Nah, I don't want a motorcycle," he said thoughtfully.  "I've decided I want a dog.  Then we'll be a real family.  All we need is a dog.  I never had a dog."

Synopsis (PBS):  The author of the explosive bestseller Mitigating Circumstances again applies her insider's knowledge of the criminal justice system in a riveting new legal thriller. When Judge Lara Sanderstone's sister and husband are murdered, Lara takes in their teenaged son--who may be a suspect--and Lara may be the next victim.

Review:  Now, this was a thriller.  A corrupt judge, a pedophile, a murderer with a penchant for rape, another judge who, while she's a good person, is somehow related to all these, and a hard-nosed cop determined to get to the bottom of a real mystery.  Fast-paced and easy to read, this book was everything that's good in a thriller.

The main characters were believable.  The secondary characters were even better.  The bad guys were really bad.  I loved it.

Rating:  9 / 10

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