December 12, 2015

Challenges and Spreadsheets

Well, I went and did it again.  I joined another challenge, bringing my grand total to an even dozen.

I'm excited about the Monthly Motif Challenge!

But, I had to spend quite a while, making up a spreadsheet to see what books I could read to most effectively finish all of my challenges.  I can do it, but it wasn't an easy task, figuring out a way to complete all the challenges without expecting to read 200 books!

All of the challenges are fun, but I really think 12 is enough.  Unless, of course, I find one that will fit in with the books I've already decided on reading!  I think I'm giddy over the fact that it really, really looks like I'm going to complete all my challenges this year -- only 1,123 pages to go to complete my very last challenge -- and I still have almost 3 weeks!

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