December 29, 2015

Legal Age

My challenges keep growing.  I now have 22, which means I am now officially in the Legal Age category of challenges.  But, so many great people have so many great ideas and I just can't seem to resist.  I'm also realizing I could *almost* do an A to Z challenge for my challenges!

I'm a little nervous.  Including my personal challenges, the most challenges I've taken on are 10 in 2011 -- and I didn't finish all of them.  Almost, but not quite.  Seriously, I wonder......will I be able to find time to read when I have so many challenges to keep up with?  And can I possibly complete them all?  I actually think I can.  Thank goodness for spreadsheets.  I am, I hope, finished with finding new, irresistible challenges (although there's another one I'm keeping my eye on!).

I recommend this free software for your spreadsheet needs -- WPS

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