May 1, 2016

Mulengro by Charles de Lint

Title:  Mulengro
Author:  Charles de Lint
Pages:  400
Genre:  Horror / Thriller
Publisher:  Tom Doherty, 2003
Series:  Stand Alone
"Bater. So be it."
Synopsis:  A tale of magic and murder.  The increasingly bizarre murders have baffled the police - but each death is somehow connected with the city's elusive Gypsy community. The police are searching for a human killer, but the Romany know better. They know the name of the darkness that hunts them down, one by one: Mulengro.
"Wind just played a couple of riffs from the Beach Boys' 'Good Vibrations' -- what do you think of that?" - Zach
Review:  This is a dark and twisty tale of magic and evil.  Many of the main characters are Gypsies.  This book makes it clear that the Rom (Gypsies) still exist today and it helps the reader understand their culture a little better.  It's also an incredible tale that forces you to question your own beliefs on the occult and magic and the afterlife.

Janfri Yayal, a Gypsy who has possibly strayed too far away from his people, knows that it will ultimately be up to him to defeat Mulengro.  Ola Faher, a Gypsy witch, will try to help him face the evil.  And two disbelieving police officers, Patrick Briggs and Will Sandler, are drawn in while investigating the murders.  Will and his partner will soon come to believe, whether they want to or not.

My favorite character though, hands down, was Zach Acheson, who calls himself Dr. Rainbow.  He's a 60s hippy living in the 80s and he is such a wonderful, refreshing character.  He is, like, full of good vibes and is the brightest light in the whole book.

Between vividly described deaths, vengeful ghosts, packs of wild dogs and Mulengro himself, this is a very dark, disturbing read.  If you love good, scary stories, give this one a try.  But leave a light on.

Rating:  9.5 / 10

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