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Pages Read Reading Challenge 2017
Hosted by Gina @ Book Dragon's Lair
Completed October 20, 2017

How many pages can you read this year?

 This challenge isn't about how many books you read but rather how many pages. After all, it isn't fair that I might read 4 titles and another might read 2 titles but we've read the same number of pages!

Levels Bonsai - Read 12,000 pages
Shrub - Read 24,000 pages
Dwarf Peach - Read 36,000 pages
Apple Tree - Read 48,000 pages
Oak - Read 60,000 pages
Douglas Fir - Read 72,000 pages
Sequoia - Read 84,000 pages
Redwood - Read 84,001+ pages

I'm choosing Level Shrub (although I hope to do well enough to upgrade a level!!)

I'll be keeping track of my pages on the sidebar.

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