June 4, 2011

Wait Until Midnight by Amanda Quick

Title:  Wait Until Midnight
Author:  Amanda Quick
Format:  PB
Pages:  350
Genre:  Historical Romance / Suspense
Publisher:  Jove, 2005
ISBN-13:  978-0515138627
Series:  Stand Alone

Favorite Quote:  "It is not a joke.  Brace yourself, sir.  I am about to become embroiled in a shocking scandal involving murder and an illicit liaison with a famous sensation novelist."

Synopsis (Amazon):  Adam Hardesty has a serious problem. The secrets of his past are in danger of being exposed, and in the course of investigating his would-be blackmailer, he discovers the dead body of a prominent psychic. To make matters worse, her house has been torn apart, and the diary containing Adam's secrets is missing. His only lead is a list of the psychic's last visitors - the people who came to her house for a sitting on the night of her death. The most likely suspect is a woman named Mrs. Caroline Fordyce, whom he confronts in her parlour, only to discover an inconvenient attraction to the beautiful young widow. Alarmed by Adam's insinuations and questions, Caroline concludes that she must conduct her own investigation into this strange matter. If she can discover the true killer, Adam will have no reason to expose her connection to the dead psychic, which would cause a scandal she and her aunts could ill-afford. Besides, her life has been boringly uncomplicated for too long, and the exciting tension she feels around Adam presents a welcome alternative to her mundane daily routine. But as Caroline and Adam journey deeper into the shadowy world of psychics, mediums and con artists, they find that the only ones they can count on are each other...

Review:  I was expecting a thriller set in historical times.  I got a romantic suspense novel set in historical times.  Was I disappointed?  Not in the least!  Ms. Quick writes so well and with such humor that it was impossible not to enjoy this novel.

The novel is set in what I believe to be the late 1890's in England.  The characters are all quite proper and society is so full of rules that it made me wonder how anyone ever got anything done.  However, the two main characters, Adam and Caroline, are hardly your average people for this time period.  I found them both humorous and wonderful.  Caroline's aunts were perfect.  Adam's family was lovable.  The bad guy was quite insane and, in the end, got exactly what he deserved.  The best part?  I was completely fooled until the very end as to who the murderer was.

Since I usually cannot abide romance novels, I was completely surprised how much I enjoyed this one.  If this novel is any indication of this author's writing style, I will be searching out more novels by this author.

Rating:  8.5 / 10

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