November 11, 2011

Final Target by Iris Johansen

Title:  Final Target
Author:  Iris Johansen
Format:  PB
Pages:  387
Genre:  Thriller
Publisher:  Bantam, 2002
ISBN-13:  978-0553582130
Series:  Stand Alone

Favorite Quote:  "I believe that's crystal-clear.  But you went through a hell of a lot tonight.  Are you sure that you're able to judge ---"

Synopsis (PBS):  The President’s daughter... — The women determined to save her... — The man with the power to betray a nation... — Melissa Riley arrives at her sister’s isolated Virginia country home to find herself plunged into a deadly drama. There the renowned Dr. Jessica Riley is attempting to draw the daughter of the President of the United States out of a severe catatonic trauma. The last thing young Cassie Andreas saw was an organized team ruthlessly murder her nanny and the Secret Service agents sworn to protect her. But to free Cassie, Melissa and Jessica must trust a mysterious, charismatic man.

Michael Travis made his fortune in the international underworld. He risked everything to save Cassie during that terrible night of bloodshed. And he has entered into a secret bargain with the President. But is his show of concern all a treacherous charade? Melissa and Jessica have no choice but to accept Travis as their ally—and to follow a dangerous plan that will lead them into the world of a killer who’ll destroy anyone standing between him and the...Final Target.

Review:  Iris Johansen is one of my favorite authors.  All her books are good and this one is no exception.  I wasn't especially fond of any of the characters, with the exception of Galen, Michael Travis' partner in crime.  Unfortunately, he was only a secondary character and wasn't around much.  It didn't hurt the story though.  Even though none of the characters were all that likable, the story was good enough to make up for it.

Rating:  6 / 10

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