January 17, 2014

The Runes of the Earth by Stephen R. Donaldson

"Linden Avery, we regret that you have asked this of us.  We wish to honor you, but in this we will not comply.  We have taken upon ourselves the guardianship of the Land.  We are its Masters because we cannot preserve the Land from Corruption in any other way.  We do not permit such beings as this Anele to work their will.  They serve Corruption, whatever they may believe of themselves."  -- Stave, pg 126

"You are mistaken, Haruchai!  Your folk sired me!  I am your descendant, conceived by Cail among the merewives, and given birth by the Dancers of the Sea!"  -- Esmer, pg 282

"Chosen, heed me.  There are tales of your healing.  Do not heal me.  I have failed.  I am Haruchai.  Do not shame me with my own life." -- Stave, pg 290

"Go now, beloved.  While you can.  Just be wary of me.  Remember that I'm dead."  -- Thomas Covenant, pg 362

"You.  You who promised.  Anele begs --- Oh, he begs of you.  Tell him that he has not failed your need."  -- Anele, pg 500

"Because I have heard the laughter of the great horses, I will cast my lot with the Chosen.  I cannot do less than the Ranyhyn.  Whatever may befall her, I will endeavor to prove that I am equal to my fears."  -- Stave, pg 504

"I regret that I have thought ill of you.  Yes, and spoken ill as well.  Your courage shames me."  -- Liand, pg 510

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