January 1, 2014

The One Tree by Stephen R. Donaldson

"I am Pitchwife the Valorous!  Gaze upon me and suffer awe!" -- Pitchwife, pg 66

"Therefore do I love you, Pitchwife.  In sooth, this is a gift to lift the heart.  Husband, it shames me that I do not equal your grace." -- Gossamer Glowlimn, the First of the Search, pg 196

"Now I say to you, we will not err in that way again.  The purity of any service lies in those who serve, not in that which they serve, and we will not corrupt ourselves by trust of that which is false." -- Brinn, pg 368

"You will endure it.  Are you not Thomas Covenant, ur-Lord and Unbeliever?  That is the grace which has been given to you, to bear what must be borne."  -  Ak-Haru Kenaustin Ardenol, the Guardian of the One Tree, pg 440

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