April 18, 2015

Stronghold by Melanie Rawn

Title:  Stronghold
Author:  Melanie Rawn
Pages:  587
Genre:  Fantasy
Publisher:  DAW, 1991
Series:  Dragon Star, Book 1

Synopsis:  A generation of peace is about to be shattered as a seemingly unstoppable invasion force lays siege to High Prince Rohan's realm. For Andry, the Sunrunner Lord, the invasion is a fulfillment of his long-ago visions of disaster to come. This is the first book in the "Dragon Star" trilogy.

Review:  I am here to tell you, these books are among some of the best I've ever read.  They keep getting better, just when I'm sure they cannot possibly do so.

Excitement, magic, dragons.  Drama, family and death.  This book has all of these and more.  I've already grabbed the next one and can't wait to start it.

This book made me sad.  One generation of the family is aging, including Rohan and Sioned and Chay, but their children are becoming adults and continuing the story in their own, unique ways.  I wasn't expecting to lose one of the main characters with two more books still in the series, but I suppose it was time.

These books may be long, but they don't feel long.  I loved this story.

Rating:  10 / 10

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