October 14, 2015

Mystic Quest by Tracy & Laura Hickman

Title:  Mystic Quest
Author:  Tracy & Laura Hickman
Pages:  575
Genre:  Fantasy
Publisher:  Warner Books, 2005
Thrice upon a time...
An heir to a kingdom was sought,
A war threatened all of history,
And the veil between worlds was breached.
But that is a different tale.
Synopsis:  Thrice upon a time, three worlds were in peril. Twenty-three years have passed since Galen Arvad first exposed the deep magic. Now that magic brings tragedy and darkness to the lives of all who wield it in the world. Galen and his clans suffer an endless war in the realm of the dragonkings, the fairies contend with a gruesome kingdom of the undead, and in the realm of the reanimated, rusting titans, a tyrant goblin’s lust for conquest goes unchecked. A new generation of heroes will set out on separate, life-altering journeys. Whether in search of freedom or atonement, each will find their redemption may be beyond the power of magic—for their darkest secrets and greatest dangers are those they bring with them.

Review:  The promised 'Binding of the Worlds' didn't seem to happen.  Or at least not how I expected.  One human, Caelith, son of Galen; one fairy, Aislynn; and one goblin, Thux, all meet in the Dreamworld and put together an artifact that lay unremembered in their worlds.  This artifact was the key to ending the reign of the Dragonkings and Dragonqueens in the human world.  It was the end to the kingdom of the undead in the faery world.  It was the end to the might of the Titans in the goblin world.  It was an amazing and harrowing journey.  Cephas the dwarf (who lived in the human world) was lost along the way and I will miss him.

I'm not sure where these books are headed, but this story was even better than the last.  Perhaps because I already am familiar with the three worlds and how the Dreamworld works.  I've got to see what happens next.

Rating:  9 / 10

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