November 7, 2015

Resurrection Dreams by Richard Laymon

Title:  Resurrection Dreams
Author:  Richard Laymon
Pages:  370
Genre:  Romantic Horror
Publisher:  Leisure Books, 2005

Synopsis:  Melvin was definitely the biggest creep in Ellsworth High, and the other kids mercilessly taunted him for his odd looks and weird behaviours. Vicki was the only one to stand up for him but even she had to admit he'd gone too far when he dug up a body and attempted to bring it back to life with the aid of a car battery. — Years later Vicki still has nightmares about Melvin's "joke" and now that she's back in Ellsworth, she knows she'll have to see him again. Recently released from a mental institution, Melvin is acting stranger than ever. His experiments with the dead have progressed and as soon as he can get Vicki - or rather her body - where he wants her, he can realize his most chilling dream of all..

Review:  Well, the idea behind the book is a good one.  Strange, outcast Melvin has been searching for a way to reanimate the dead.  He kills a pretty girl and then tries to bring her back to life.  And, one day he succeeds.  Now he can finally kill and bring back the girl of his dreams, Vicki.

From there, it goes downhill.  Just about every male character is a violent, sex-crazed male chauvinist pig.  Vicki is weak-willed and still pining over the one boy who she loved and lost in High School.  Her best friend, Ace, is funny, loud-mouthed and strong, but even she spends an awful lot of time trying to find Mr. Right.  Melvin is a fantastic bad guy.  Twitchy, twisted and ugly, he's the perfect strange, creepy guy.  The fact that he's also a serial killer is believable in the extreme.

There were plenty of gruesome and scary parts to this book.  Unfortunately, between all the sex, innuendo, and the general whiny-ness of the main character, the story was diluted and became more of a really bloody romance novel.  It was a quick read though and not horrible.  I have another of this author's books on my shelf.  I'm still deciding whether I'll give it a try later on or not.

Rating:  4 / 10

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