February 12, 2014

Against All Things Ending by Stephen R. Donaldson

"That old man.  The beggar.  The Creator.  He abandoned you before you ever came here.  I didn't want you to think I'd abandoned you too."  -- Thomas Covenant, pg 13

"You are a wonderment in all sooth.  Your words resemble a tale of woe, but they are not.  They are a flight of fancy.  Do you conceive that any Giant would turn aside from such a quest as yours?  Ha!  The lure of extravagant hazards is too great."  -- Rime Coldspray, Ironhand of the Swordmainner, pg 83

"After all the trouble of resurrecting me, the least you can do is take me with you."  -- Thomas Covenant, pg 86

"We do not comprehend.  How is it that any mere place can diminish a Manethrall of the Ramen?  You are who and what you are, unlessened in strength, forethought, or valor by the loss of ordinary sight."  -- Branl, pg 252

"I've spent three and a half thousand years remembering how much you mean to me - and wishing I'd done a better job of telling you."  -- Thomas Covenant, pg 254

"You will heed me, Ringthane!  In Andelain, you restored your own love!  Now you will return mine to me!  Every instrument is present.  White gold.  The Staff of Law.  The krill of High Lord Loric.  And there lies Liand slain!"  -- Pahni, pg 345

"He is my son.  To the last, he remained himself."  -- Stave, pg 388

"Do not.  Do not heal.  Make no lament.  My time is past.  I was the hope of the Land.  Now I have given that gift to another.  I have kept the faith with my inheritance.  Now I may stand with Sunder my father and Hollian my mother, and feel no shame."  -- Anele, pg 389

"Do not, Linden.  Wish for nothing.  Regret nothing.  Has your long acquaintance with Haruchai not taught you that my pride in my son is as great as my bereavement?"  -- Stave, pg 399
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