March 6, 2014

The Last Dark by Stephen R. Donaldson

The last of the Chronicles of Thomas Covenant.  I read the first book over 30 years ago.  I've waited all this time to find out the ending........and now I wish it hadn't ended.  I will miss the Land.  Good thing I have the books so I can revisit it whenever I want.

"Chosen, Linden Avery.  I comprehend the force of your son's awakening, and of your reunion with him.  Who will do so, if I do not?  I, who have lost a son, and may only yearn bootlessly for his return to life?  Nevertheless we cannot remain here."  -- Stave, pg 5

"At your side, Chosen, I have made a study of uncertainty.  Now I have learned that it is an abyss, no less unfathomable than the Lost Deep."  -- Stave, pg 24

"When I had achieved the stewardship of the One Tree, and you were thereby grieved, I assured you that good would come of it, when there was need.  That promise I fain would honor."  -- Brinn, pg 43

"This Raver lies.  He does not hold me.  I hold him.  I contain him as Grimmand Honninscrave once contained his brother.  His mockery and struggles I disdain.  He cannot flee.  I will hold him while his ruin is achieved."  -- Clyme, pg 84

"Thus I answer the objurgations of the ak-Haru"  -- Clyme, pg 85

"Then, Linden, I will do as you request.  But do not doubt that my heart is torn within me.  I will know neither certainty nor peace until your return."  -- Stave, pg 150"

"When it falls, he will also.  Then he must perish.  Though he is Haruchai, his flesh is not iron.  His bones are not.  They will not withstand an impact from that height."  --  Rime Coldspray, pg 180

"You have wrought a surpassing wonder.  I acknowledge it.  I acknowledge that we have misesteemed you.  And your theurgy is -- Child, it is vast."  -- Infelice, pg 205

"Try me.  Do your worst.  See what happens."  -- Thomas Covenant, pg 213

"It was for this.  That you might here encounter the truth of the Ringthane, the Chosen, Linden Avery -- encounter it and know shame."  -- Bhapa, pg 444

"Stone and Sea!  I am undone by woe and killing.  I cannot spit out the taste of blood.  It will fill my mouth to the end of my days."  -- Rime Coldspray, pg 467

"Linden Avery, I have said that I will not be parted from you again.  The Chosen-son I entrust to Canrik and Samil, and to the Swordmainnir.  You I will accompany."   - Stave, pg 470

"I must state plainly, Linden, that you have become wondrous in my sight.  Here my life is forfeit.  It may be that the bane will heed you.  Me She will not suffer.  In Her sight, all men are betrayers.  I will be devoured."  -- Stave, pg 482

"As for you, beaten Unbeliever, impotent Timewarden, I have reconsidered your doom.  Though I hunger for your death, I also crave your despair."  -- Lord Foul the Despiser, pg 517

"Yes, I will."  -- Thomas Covenant, pg 522

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