December 22, 2013

The Wounded Land by Stephen R. Donaldson

There are so many great quotes...

"You will not fail, however he may assail you.  There is also love in the world" -- The Beggar / Creator, pg 15

"This you have to understand.  There's only one way to hurt a man who's lost everything.  Give him back something broken."  -- Thomas Covenant, pg 27

"When I fail in the end - as fail I must, for I am yet Hile Troy withal, and the day comes when I must not refuse to sacrifice my power - there will be no restitution for the abysm of that loss."  -- Caer-Caveral, pg 220

"But I say to you, Redeem my people.  Their plight is an abomination.  And they will serve you well."  -- Bannor, pg 222

"When you have come to the crux, and have no other recourse, remember the paradox of white gold.  There is hope in contradiction."  -- Lord Mhoram, pg 224

"Therefore I have forewarned you.  So that you will know your peril and be unable to evade it.  So that as you strive to evade it, the Despiser may laugh in scorn and triumph."  -- Gibbon na-Mhoram, the Raver, pg 254

"They foresaw clearly the price the ur-viles paid, and will ever pay, for self-loathing, and they turned in another way.  Sharing the Weird, they chose to meet it differently.  To seek self-justification."  -- Hamako, pg 277

And because, in spite of everything, there were still Giants in the world.  pg 425

"He was the Pure One.  The one who freed the jheherrin.  Freed the Land.  By laughing.  A Giant."  -- Thomas Covenant, pg 455

December 21, 2013

The Power That Preserves by Stephen R. Donaldson

And even more....

"No one may be compelled to fight the Despiser. He is resisted willingly, or not at all. Unbeliever, I release you. You turn from us to save life in your own word. We will not be undone by such motives." -- Lord Mhoram, pg 47

"Be silent, Unbeliever. I will listen to no sad stories in this place." -- Saltheart Foamfollower, pg 78

"At times - when I have been too long unsheltered in this wind - I find I cannot remember certain precious Giantish tales." -- Saltheart Foamfollower, pg 137"

"I am old - I have no need to fear - no, I do not fear death. But the pain. The pain. Have mercy - have mercy upon me, I lack the courage for this work." -- the Unfettered Healer of Morinmoss

"No word can encompass the love for a lost homeland, or the anguish of diminishing seed, or the pride - the pride in fidelity - That fidelity was our only reply to our extinction." -- Saltheart Foamfollower, pg 307

"I am Haruchai. We also are not immune. Corruption wears many faces. Blame is a more enticing face than others, but it is none the less a mask for the Despiser." -- Bannor, pg 308

"Mortal men should not give up wives and sleep and death for any service - lest the face of failure become too abhorrent to be endured." -- Bannor, pg 309

"Thomas Covenant, ur-Lord and Unbeliever, brave white gold weilder - I desire no other end. Do whatever you must, my friend. I am at Peace. I have beheld a marvelous story." -- Saltheart Foamfollower, pg 374

December 8, 2013

The Illearth War by Stephen R. Donaldson

And more great quotes....

"Do you call this health?  It's a lie!" -- Thomas Covenant, pg 59

"Ur-Lord Covenant, I am in your debt.  I am told that at the hazard of your life you rescued my old friend Birinair from beyond the forbidding fire under Mount Thunder.  That was bravely done -- though it came too late to save his life.  Do not hesitate to ask of me.  For Birinair's sake, I will do all in my power for you." -- Tohrm, Hearthrall of Lord's Keep, pg 61

"Then you have -- Amok, hear me.  I am seer and oracle for this Council.  I speak words of vision.  I have not seen you.  You have come too soon.  We did not give life to the krill.  That was not our doing.  We lack the lore for such work." -- Lord Mhoram, pg 98

"Hah!  Little Lord!  Is that the limit of your lore?  Can you come no closer than that to the Seven Words?  You pronounce them badly.  But I must admit -- you have recognized me.  I am turiya Herem.  But we have new names now, my brothers and I.  There is Fleshharrower, and Satansfist.  And I am named Kinslaughterer."  -- Raver Giant Kinslaughterer, pg 255

"I saw Bloodguard fighting in the service of the Despiser."  -- Lord Mhoram, pg 260

"That name is the Power of Command."  -- First Mark Morin, pg 378

"Here the drinker who is not also a prophet risks self-betrayal.  Here are possibilities of Desecration which even High Lord Kevin in his despair left slumbering and untouched."  -- Amok, Seventh Ward of High Lord Kevin's Lore, pg 406

"You have broken the Law of Death to summon me -- you have unleashed measureless opportunities for evil upon the Earth -- and the Despiser mastered me as easily as if I were a child!" -- High Lord Kevin Landwaster, son of Loric, pg 412
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