January 30, 2014

Fatal Revenant by Stephen R. Donaldson

Oh, how I did miss Giants.......

"For a moment while you dazzled me, I seemed to stand at the side of the Land's redemption." -- Liand, pg 104

"Aloud, the Seven Words are spoken thus.  Melenkurion abatha.  Duroc minas mill.  Harad khabaal."  -- the Theomach, pg 192

"Pssht, lady, is the Mahdoubt disquieted?  She is not.  In her youth, such concerns may perchance have vexed her, but her old bones have felt their full measure of years, and naught troubles her now."  -- the Mahdoubt, pg 286

"As you know, my people will no longer address their thoughts to me, or respond to mine.  When I had experienced their rejection for a time, I found that I wished to foil it.  Though I comprehend their denunciation, I became lath to countenance it.  Therefore I have learned to mute my inward voice.  I hear the silent speech of the Masters, but they do not hear mine."  -- Stave, pg 323

"Linden Avery, you are the Chosen, and will determine much.  But that choice is not vouchsafed to you.  All who live share the Land's plight.  Its cost will be borne by all who live.  This you cannot alter.  In the attempt, you may achieve only ruin."  -- Anele, pg 328

"The Mahdoubt's knowledge does not partake of Law.  It has preserved her far beyond her mortality.  Assuredly.  Now her end cannot be undone."  --  the Mahdoubt, pg 366

"Chosen, the days that I have spent as your companion have been an unremitting exercise in humility."  -- Stave, pg 369

"Chosen, thus would I speak of my own sons, though they remain among the Masters, and with the Masters have spurned me."  -- Stave, pg 376

"It will measure your worthiness to adjudge her as you have adjudged me."  -- Stave, pg 385

"Well done, Haruchai.  Well done in all sooth.  Here is a tale to gladden the hearts of the Ramen.  At last blows have been struck which may humble the sleepless ones.  And we have witnessed it, a Manethrall and his Cords.  No longer may these Masters feign that their worth exceeds yours."  -- Manethrall Mahrtiir, pg 389

"Mane and Tail, Ringthane!  My life is yours.  It was so before.  Now it is yours utterly.  If the Manethrall and the Ranyhyn do not forbid it, I will accompany you into the depths of Gravin Threndor, or the inferno of Hotash Slay, or the bitter heart of the Sarangrave, and name myself blessed."  -- Bhapa, pg 431

"Rime Coldspray, Ironhand of the Swordmainnir, since the Chosen's coming I have been humbled both profoundly and often.  I no longer deem myself wise enough to discourage the friendship of Giants."  -- Stave, pg 488

"Do not be dismayed, Stonedowner.  There is no mystery here.  She is Linden Avery, Chosen and Sun-Sage.  Our tales say that she is merely magnificent."  -- Rime Coldspray, Ironhand of the Swordmainner, pg 491

"Linden Avery, the third son of the third son of Glowlimn and Pitchwife was Exalt Widenedworld.  But now the Giants of Home name him Lostson, and among the Swordmainnir he is called Longwrath."  -- Rime Coldspray, Ironhand of the Swordmainner, pg 494

"Linden Avery, it is enough.  Seeking the import of our many labors, we will accompany you.  If Stave of the Haruchai stands at your side, joined by the courteous and considerate Ramen - likewise this wide-eyed Stonedownor and the anguished son of Sunder and Hollian - the Swordmainnir can do no less."  -- Rime Coldspray, Ironhand of the Swordmainner, pg 507

"My friend, your cunning grows ever more evident.  If it should chance that you weary of being Haruchai, know that you will be made welcome among the Swordmainnir.  Lacking the good fortune - and also the stature - of our blood and bone, you will become a Giant by acclamation rather than by birth."  -- Rime Coldspray, Ironhand of the Swordmainner, pg 513

"Linden Giantfriend, that tale is too sad for tears.  'Out of the habit.'  And its dolor is made more cruel by brevity.  We are Giants.  If we do not laugh, we will be compelled to insist upon the full tale of your years and loneliness.  The very blood in our veins will require it."  --  Rime Coldspray, Ironhand of the Swordmainner, pg 514

"Though we are large and for the most part foolish, we know a stick when it jabs our eyes.  Any man as blighted as your old companion compels our esteem.  Already we prize him."  -- Frostheart Grueburn, pg 517

"There is more in Andelain - and among the Dead - and in your heart - than Lord Foul can conceive."  -- Hollian, pg 547

"Oh, Linden.  What have you done?" -- Thomas Covenant, pg 590

January 17, 2014

The Runes of the Earth by Stephen R. Donaldson

"Linden Avery, we regret that you have asked this of us.  We wish to honor you, but in this we will not comply.  We have taken upon ourselves the guardianship of the Land.  We are its Masters because we cannot preserve the Land from Corruption in any other way.  We do not permit such beings as this Anele to work their will.  They serve Corruption, whatever they may believe of themselves."  -- Stave, pg 126

"You are mistaken, Haruchai!  Your folk sired me!  I am your descendant, conceived by Cail among the merewives, and given birth by the Dancers of the Sea!"  -- Esmer, pg 282

"Chosen, heed me.  There are tales of your healing.  Do not heal me.  I have failed.  I am Haruchai.  Do not shame me with my own life." -- Stave, pg 290

"Go now, beloved.  While you can.  Just be wary of me.  Remember that I'm dead."  -- Thomas Covenant, pg 362

"You.  You who promised.  Anele begs --- Oh, he begs of you.  Tell him that he has not failed your need."  -- Anele, pg 500

"Because I have heard the laughter of the great horses, I will cast my lot with the Chosen.  I cannot do less than the Ranyhyn.  Whatever may befall her, I will endeavor to prove that I am equal to my fears."  -- Stave, pg 504

"I regret that I have thought ill of you.  Yes, and spoken ill as well.  Your courage shames me."  -- Liand, pg 510

January 11, 2014

The White Gold Wielder by Stephen R. Donaldson

"Therefore, it is my right that you should hear me.  Ur-Lord and Unbeliever, white gold wielder, you have betrayed me -- and I am glad that you have come.  Though you come without hope, you are the one hope that I have known.  You have it in your hands to create or deny whatever truth you will, and I desire to serve you.  While you remain, I will accept neither despair nor doom."  -- Sunder, pg 172

"The Giants of the Land were taught much by their loss of Home.  I am humbled before them."  -- The First of the Search, pg 207

"They are cooks and herders, artisans and scullions, tenders of hearth and Courser.  They have no skill for this work, and it is a shameful thing to slay them.  Yet they will not be halted or daunted.  A possession is upon them.  Felling them, Pitchwife weeps as no Haruchai has ever wept."  -- Cail, pg 243

"You are going to your death, ring-wielder.  I comprehend you now.  It is a valiant hazard.  I cannot answer for its outcome -- and I know not how I will prove worthy of you.  But I will not leave you."  -- Findail, the Appointed of the Elohim, pg 254

"Dream or delusion, the music I have heard has altered me.  But I have not learned the meaning of this change.  Ur-Lord, I wish to prove what I have dreamed to its heart.  Permit me."  -- Cail, pg 302

"You are Gossamer Glowlimn, the spouse of my heart.  I am proud of you beyond all endurance.  Demean not your high courage with foolishness.  Neither Earthfriend nor Chosen has any need of my accompaniment.  They are who they are -- and will not fail.  I am sworn to you in love and fealty, and I will remain."  -- Pitchwife, pg 422

"Now it's your turn.  Pick up the ring."  -- Thomas Covenant, pg 452

"Linden Avery!  Have I not said that you are well Chosen?" -- Pitchwife, pg 465

January 1, 2014

The One Tree by Stephen R. Donaldson

"I am Pitchwife the Valorous!  Gaze upon me and suffer awe!" -- Pitchwife, pg 66

"Therefore do I love you, Pitchwife.  In sooth, this is a gift to lift the heart.  Husband, it shames me that I do not equal your grace." -- Gossamer Glowlimn, the First of the Search, pg 196

"Now I say to you, we will not err in that way again.  The purity of any service lies in those who serve, not in that which they serve, and we will not corrupt ourselves by trust of that which is false." -- Brinn, pg 368

"You will endure it.  Are you not Thomas Covenant, ur-Lord and Unbeliever?  That is the grace which has been given to you, to bear what must be borne."  -  Ak-Haru Kenaustin Ardenol, the Guardian of the One Tree, pg 440

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