Around the World Challenge √

Around the World Reading Challenge 2016
Hosted by Crini at All About Books
Completed December 21, 2016 ~ I'm reading a really long book set in California and don't expect to have any new places to add before the year is done!  

The goal of the Around the World challenge is to visit as many different places in the world through books, especially places that are rather rare, and not the kind of settings you see in 95% of all the books you read. We’re are going to do this by creating a google map where every pin on the map stands for one book. The goal is to have as many pins as possible and they shouldn’t be very close to each other but spread all over.

(Note to self -- Adding places: click “Open in My Maps” and search for a place, then click on it on the map. The pop-up provides the option to add it to your map.  Tip: you can use different colors and symbols!)

The only mini challenge I'm doing is:  Visit a certain number of countries.  My goal: 5  Completed Feb. 2, 2016
1. United States
2. France
3. England
4. Germany
5. Italy
6. Ireland
7. Turkey
8. Colombia
9. Taiwan ~ The longest distance so far from home - almost 8,500 miles!
10. Canada
11. Croatia
12. Mexico
13. Malta
14. Japan
15. North Pole ~ couldn't figure out how to add it to the map....or how to figure out how far it is from my house, and it's not a land mass, but I'm counting it anyways!

Curious how many US States I visit too!  I included DC.  I'll cross them out as I visit them.
Alabama     Alaska     Arizona     Arkansas     California     Colorado     Connecticut     Delaware     Florida     Georgia     Hawaii     Idaho     Illinois     Indiana     Iowa     Kansas     Kentucky     Louisiana     Maine     Maryland     Massachusetts     Michigan     Minnesota     Mississippi     Missouri     Montana     Nebraska     Nevada     New Hampshire     New Jersey     New Mexico     New York     North Carolina     North Dakota     Ohio     Oklahoma     Oregon     Pennsylvania     Rhode Island     South Carolina     South Dakota     Tennessee     Texas     Utah     Vermont     Virginia     Washington    Washington, DC     West Virginia     Wisconsin     Wyoming

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