December 8, 2013

The Illearth War by Stephen R. Donaldson

And more great quotes....

"Do you call this health?  It's a lie!" -- Thomas Covenant, pg 59

"Ur-Lord Covenant, I am in your debt.  I am told that at the hazard of your life you rescued my old friend Birinair from beyond the forbidding fire under Mount Thunder.  That was bravely done -- though it came too late to save his life.  Do not hesitate to ask of me.  For Birinair's sake, I will do all in my power for you." -- Tohrm, Hearthrall of Lord's Keep, pg 61

"Then you have -- Amok, hear me.  I am seer and oracle for this Council.  I speak words of vision.  I have not seen you.  You have come too soon.  We did not give life to the krill.  That was not our doing.  We lack the lore for such work." -- Lord Mhoram, pg 98

"Hah!  Little Lord!  Is that the limit of your lore?  Can you come no closer than that to the Seven Words?  You pronounce them badly.  But I must admit -- you have recognized me.  I am turiya Herem.  But we have new names now, my brothers and I.  There is Fleshharrower, and Satansfist.  And I am named Kinslaughterer."  -- Raver Giant Kinslaughterer, pg 255

"I saw Bloodguard fighting in the service of the Despiser."  -- Lord Mhoram, pg 260

"That name is the Power of Command."  -- First Mark Morin, pg 378

"Here the drinker who is not also a prophet risks self-betrayal.  Here are possibilities of Desecration which even High Lord Kevin in his despair left slumbering and untouched."  -- Amok, Seventh Ward of High Lord Kevin's Lore, pg 406

"You have broken the Law of Death to summon me -- you have unleashed measureless opportunities for evil upon the Earth -- and the Despiser mastered me as easily as if I were a child!" -- High Lord Kevin Landwaster, son of Loric, pg 412

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