April 9, 2016

H ~ Hippogriff

Myths Galore by Grey Radian (Own work) [CC BY-NC-ND 3.0], via Deviant Art  (This image has been cropped to show the portion relevant to this topic.  Only a portion of the original artwork is shown.)

Here is an unlikely creature, half griffin and half horse, and all attitude.  Some sources have them as half eagle and half horse like the picture above, but I beg to differ -- the 'griff' in hippogriff must obviously come from griffins.  

Found in writings by the Latin poet Virgil and in ancient Greek paintings, this creature has certainly been around a good, long while.  However, most of us hadn't heard of one until the Harry Potter series came around.  

Speaking of Harry Potter, if you haven't read the series, please do so immediately.  The first book isn't quite as good as the rest, but the rest are well worth the investment of time.  You'll meet the hippogriff, giants, warlocks, witches and many other really fun characters....and have a blast while doing so.

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