April 25, 2016

U ~ Under the Dome

Under the Dome by Stephen King.  It is a perfectly, wonderfully, scary novel.  The television series is not anywhere near as good.  As much as you might want to say it's just a story, a small scared part of you thinks it could happen.

I've read the book once and plan to read it again.  I've listened to the audiobook.  I seriously love this novel.

This story is right up there with The Stand, Revival, and 11/22/63 (all of which I'm also planning on re-reading).  It's just that good.


  1. Totally enjoyed the book and yes it is worth a reread, Something new certainly will pop out that missed the first time. I refused to watch the tv show. I may be able to read these stories, but can't handle watching.

    1. I can watch them. The TV series for this book is just not very good after the first part of the first season.


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