November 30, 2016

Challenge Additions 2017, Part 1

I call this 'Part 1' because I know myself and I know this won't be all of them, but here's the latest ones I found:

Beat The Backlist Reading Challenge
This one is right up my alley since I *still* have books that I got waaaay back in 2007.

Pages Read Reading Challenge
I needed a version of this challenge and I've loved other challenges hosted by this same site.

Strictly Print Reading Challenge
I've always read almost all print books, but the last couple of years I started reading more ebooks.  This challenge will help me remember that my 'real' books need some love!

Wild Goose Chase Reading Challenge
I admit it.  I was drawn to this challenge because of the hilarious name.  Not to mention that I'm *still* working on the Gargoyle's challenge from this year.  I know this one will really challenge me so I'm in!

Literary Loners Reading Challenge
I really wanted to do this one this year, but for some reason I sort of burnt out and gave up too soon.  I'm trying again!

European Reading Challenge
Oh, this one is going to be hard for me.  Not much of Europe in most Sci-Fi or Fantasy!

Read It Again, Sam
I've been looking for a good excuse to re-read some of my favorite books and here it is!

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