December 2, 2016

A Gift of Ice by James Dashner

Title:  A Gift of Ice
Author:  James Dashner
Pages:  224
Genre:  Juvenile Fantasy Fiction
Publisher:  Bonneville Books, 2004
Series:  Jimmy Fincher Saga, Book 2

Synopsis:  In an impossible place under a door in the woods, Jimmy Fincher received the first of four gifts - contributions of a mysterious and desperate people trying to save the world from a ruthless enemy.

Not much is known about the enemy, but a haunting warning has been spoken:  The Stompers are coming.

Now Jimmy has fled to Japan in search of The Second Gift.  Peril will be inescapable, mysteries will abound.  Nothing can be assumed and help will be found from a most unlikely band of strangers.

And they have secrets of their own.

Review:  I didn't have quite as much fun with this book as I did with the first.  They seem to follow a pretty standard plot line.  Jimmy has to find a gift.  Bad guys want to stop him.  Jimmy has to use the gifts he has to save himself (and his friends and family) from the bad guys.  Then he has to solve a puzzle and get a new gift.

I understand that these are books written for younger readers.  It just feels like I read almost the same story all over again, only set in Japan with some new characters.  I've decided to keep reading because I really am curious how it all ends up.

Rating:  7 / 10

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