December 27, 2010

Against All Things Ending by Stephen R. Donaldson

Title:  Against All Things Ending
Author:  Stephen R. Donaldson
Format:  HC
Pages:  575
Genre:  Fantasy
Publisher:  Putnam, 2010
ISBN-13:  978-0399156786
Series:  The Chronicles of Thomas Covenant, Book 9

Favorite Quote:  He did not glance at Linden.  In a low voice as taut as choking, he said to her, or to the distant home of the Haruchai, "He is my son.  To the last he remained himself."

Synopsis (Amazon):  Thomas Covenant is alive again, restored to his mortal body by the unimaginable combined force of his own white gold ring, Linden Avery's Staff of Law, and the ancient dagger called High Loric's krill. His resurrection is Linden's defiant act of love, despite warnings from mortals and immortals that unleashing this much power would destroy the world. She brought his spirit back from its prison in the Arch of Time, and revived his slain body, so that Covenant lies whole on the cool grass, and the world seems at peace. But the truth is inescapable: The thunderclap of power has awakened the Worm of the World's End, and all of them, and the Land itself, are forfeit to its devouring. If they have any chance to save the Land, it will come from unlikely sources- including the mysterious boy Jeremiah, Linden's adopted son, whose secrets are only beginning to come to light.

Review:  I eagerly awaited the publication of this book.  I couldn't wait to read it.  And, I wasn't disappointed.  This book made me laugh.....and it made me cry.  It was everything good fiction should be.  Again and again, this author proves to me why he's in my top five all-time favorite authors and also why this series is still, after all these years, my favorite fantasy fiction ever.  I was left in a cliff-hanger (no surprise!) and cannot wait until the next (and last!) book comes out in a few years.

Rating:  5 / 5

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