February 14, 2011

A Knight of the Word by Terry Brooks

Title:  A Knight of the Word
Author:  Terry Brooks
Format:  PB
Pages:  386
Genre:  Fantasy
Publisher:  Del Rey, 1999
ISBN-13:  978-0345424648
Series:  Shannara, Book 10

Favorite Quote:  It was so easy to become lost in the smug certainty that what happened to others really mattered very little to you.  It was so easy to ignore the ties that bound humanity on its collective journey in search of grace.

Synopsis (Amazon):  Eight centuries ago the first Knight of the Word was commissioned to combat the demonic evil of the Void. Now that daunting legacy has passed to John Ross--along with powerful magic and the knowledge that his actions are all that stand between a living hell and humanity's future.

Then, after decades of service to the Word, an unspeakable act of violence shatters John Ross's weary faith. Haunted by guilt, he turns his back on his dread gift, settling down to build a normal life, untroubled by demons and nightmares.

But a fallen Knight makes a tempting prize for the Void, which could bend the Knight's magic to its own evil ends. And once the demons on Ross's trail track him to Seattle, neither he nor anyone close to him will be safe. His only hope is Nest Freemark, a college student who wields an extraordinary magic all her own. Five years earlier, Ross had aided Nest when the future of humanity rested upon her choice between Word and Void. Now Nest must return the favor. She must restore Ross's faith, or his life--and hers--will be forfeit . . .

Review:  This book was better than the last.  Maybe I've become accustomed to the time-switch made by the order I'm reading the books in.  Maybe it's just a better story.  Either way, this trilogy is proving to be one of the better sets of books in the Shannara saga.  Unlike previous sets, so far these both have been well worth the time invested in reading them.  Usually, there's been at least one weak novel in each trilogy along the way but, unless the conclusion to this trilogy is weaker than I expect, this group will be an all-around winner.

The characters are likable and believable.  I find I care about the fallen Knight, John Ross, and Nest, the young woman with the powers that she doesn't understand.  There are a number of magical creatures (both good and evil) which made the story that much more interesting.  I will admit though that I knew who the hidden demon was long before the story gave up the secret, which is a shame, but the knowing did not take away from the enjoyment of the story.

Rating:  4 / 5

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