July 25, 2011

High Summer Read-A-Thon Mini Challenge

The first mini challenge for the High Summer Read-A-Thon is to post a piece of artwork that reminds me of the book I'm currently reading.  The main character is constantly remembering, talking and writing about the desert, so this picture really brings those parts of the book to life for me.

The story revolves around an English man who is being cared for by a nurse during WWII. He has no memory of who he is or where he's from.  He was badly burnt when his airplane crashed.  I'm nearly done with the book.


  1. I apologize. I guess I did not explain the mini-challenge very well in my post. The image is supposed to be a painting or artwork that reminds you of the action in the book and/or could be a different cover for the book. Again, I'm sorry I wasn't more clear.

  2. Julie, this painting really depicts the desert as imagined in the book. Love the contrast of the vast desert with the smaller figures of the person and the camels. Great job! Thanks for playing and for correcting your entry.


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