November 30, 2011

Keeper of the Keys by Janny Wurts

Title:  Keeper of the Keys
Author:  Janny Wurts
Format:  PB
Pages:  212
Genre:  Fantasy
Publisher:  Eos, 1999
ISBN-13:  978-0061073557
Series:  The Cycle of Fire, Book 2

Favorite Quote:  "Mortal fool.  I am the master of space and time.  Are you doubting my ability to safeguard simple timber and cloth?"

Synopsis (PBS):  'THE FIRELORD'S HEIR MUST BE HUNTED DOWN AND SLAIN!' — This is the cry of the Accursed as they sweep through the ruins of doomed Elrinfaer. Their prey is Ivainson Jaric, Keeper of the Keys, heir of the Firelord. The geas placed by the Stormwarden on Firelord has passed down to his son - and Jaric must guard the Keys that keep the Mharg-demons bound.

His blood gifts him with raw power - but not enough. Jaric had hoped to renounce his duty and pass the Keys back to their maker. But the Stormwarden sleeps within ice cliffs of his own making. Now, Jaric must become a Vaere- trained sorcerer land embrace the Cycle of Fire - the mastery of which consumed Firelord's soul, driving him to madness and leading him to betray his own people.

Will the same price be demanded of Jaric? Or can he master THE CYCLE OF FIRE ...?

Review:  Jaric and Taen are really growing on me.  I even like the Stormwarden, although I've barely gotten to know him.  The Vaere remain my favorite characters, especially the gnome-like Tamlin, but the Demons are quickly becoming another favorite.  They are deliciously evil....or at least most of them are.  The Llondian seem to be the exception to that rule.  Not that any of them are demons, since actually they are aliens.  I love it.  Old myths covering the actual scientific facts that need to be protected at all costs.  It's very original.

Rating:  9.5 / 10

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