December 22, 2013

The Wounded Land by Stephen R. Donaldson

There are so many great quotes...

"You will not fail, however he may assail you.  There is also love in the world" -- The Beggar / Creator, pg 15

"This you have to understand.  There's only one way to hurt a man who's lost everything.  Give him back something broken."  -- Thomas Covenant, pg 27

"When I fail in the end - as fail I must, for I am yet Hile Troy withal, and the day comes when I must not refuse to sacrifice my power - there will be no restitution for the abysm of that loss."  -- Caer-Caveral, pg 220

"But I say to you, Redeem my people.  Their plight is an abomination.  And they will serve you well."  -- Bannor, pg 222

"When you have come to the crux, and have no other recourse, remember the paradox of white gold.  There is hope in contradiction."  -- Lord Mhoram, pg 224

"Therefore I have forewarned you.  So that you will know your peril and be unable to evade it.  So that as you strive to evade it, the Despiser may laugh in scorn and triumph."  -- Gibbon na-Mhoram, the Raver, pg 254

"They foresaw clearly the price the ur-viles paid, and will ever pay, for self-loathing, and they turned in another way.  Sharing the Weird, they chose to meet it differently.  To seek self-justification."  -- Hamako, pg 277

And because, in spite of everything, there were still Giants in the world.  pg 425

"He was the Pure One.  The one who freed the jheherrin.  Freed the Land.  By laughing.  A Giant."  -- Thomas Covenant, pg 455

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