January 11, 2014

The White Gold Wielder by Stephen R. Donaldson

"Therefore, it is my right that you should hear me.  Ur-Lord and Unbeliever, white gold wielder, you have betrayed me -- and I am glad that you have come.  Though you come without hope, you are the one hope that I have known.  You have it in your hands to create or deny whatever truth you will, and I desire to serve you.  While you remain, I will accept neither despair nor doom."  -- Sunder, pg 172

"The Giants of the Land were taught much by their loss of Home.  I am humbled before them."  -- The First of the Search, pg 207

"They are cooks and herders, artisans and scullions, tenders of hearth and Courser.  They have no skill for this work, and it is a shameful thing to slay them.  Yet they will not be halted or daunted.  A possession is upon them.  Felling them, Pitchwife weeps as no Haruchai has ever wept."  -- Cail, pg 243

"You are going to your death, ring-wielder.  I comprehend you now.  It is a valiant hazard.  I cannot answer for its outcome -- and I know not how I will prove worthy of you.  But I will not leave you."  -- Findail, the Appointed of the Elohim, pg 254

"Dream or delusion, the music I have heard has altered me.  But I have not learned the meaning of this change.  Ur-Lord, I wish to prove what I have dreamed to its heart.  Permit me."  -- Cail, pg 302

"You are Gossamer Glowlimn, the spouse of my heart.  I am proud of you beyond all endurance.  Demean not your high courage with foolishness.  Neither Earthfriend nor Chosen has any need of my accompaniment.  They are who they are -- and will not fail.  I am sworn to you in love and fealty, and I will remain."  -- Pitchwife, pg 422

"Now it's your turn.  Pick up the ring."  -- Thomas Covenant, pg 452

"Linden Avery!  Have I not said that you are well Chosen?" -- Pitchwife, pg 465

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