May 6, 2015

The Dragon Token by Melanie Rawn

Title:  The Dragon Token
Author:  Melanie Rawn
Pages:  654
Genre:  Fantasy
Publisher:  DAW, 1992
Series:  Dragon Star, Book 2
From page to squire to knight to Lord of Remagev, he had served his prince, fought for him and beside him, loved him -- and now, in the shattered moonlight, he wept for him.
Synopsis:  The time for retreat has come to an end as Rohan's son and heir, Pol, rallies his forces in a desperate bid to halt the advance of the invaders. But ancient rivalries begin to weaken his alliance and only time will tell whether those loyal to the High Prince can defeat both the foreign invaders and the betrayers in their own ranks.

And even as Pol leads his troops forth, Andry, the Sunrunner Lord of Goddess Keep, is also determined to take the attack to this enemy force which has sworn to slay all workers of magic.

Yet the invaders have their own agenda of conquest, and they are even now readying to strike at the very heart of the Desert, stealing treasures which Pol and Andry would pay any price to reclaim -- even if the price should prove to be their own lives.

Review:  Out with the old and in with the new.  I know it's how life works, but I hated seeing some of the older characters that I've come to love in these 5 books die.  Nonetheless, this story is fabulous and the series is leading up to what I'm sure will be an awesome finale.  I'm starting the last book in the series right away.

Rating:  10 / 10

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