June 13, 2015

The Far Kingdoms by Allan Cole & Chris Bunch

Title:  The Far Kingdoms
Author:  Allan Cole & Chris Bunch
Pages:  426
Genre:  Fantasy
Publisher:  Del Rey, 1993

Synopsis:  The Far Kingdoms...a place of bright sunlight surrounded by dark, deadly wilderness. A place where the princes and magicians were kind and wise beyond all imagination. A place where wine and song were always sweet, every purse was fat with gold, and every heart at ease. The Far Kingdoms...said to lie in the distant east, across the straits of the Narrow Sea, beyond the benighted Pepper Coast, in uncharted territory. The Far Kingdoms...a place no one could reach even if it were real --- which surely it wasn't.

Young, pampered Amalric Antero cared only for real places and possible dreams.  But then he met Janos Greycloak, a dashing soldier who dabbled in forbidden magic and who carried on him proof of riches and mysteries beyond imagination.  And suddenly Amalric found himself setting out on the adventure of a lifetime, a daring and perilous quest through unknown lands peopled by nightmares, to see the ultimate in fables....The Far Kingdoms!

Review:  Interesting people and places, along with plenty of adventure, all are within the pages of this book.  I enjoyed the story quite a bit and plan to start the second book immediately.  It's not breaking any new ground exactly, but it is a fine tale.  I do wish some of the speeches weren't quite so overdone (and some of the accents too!) but other than that, a solid story.

Rating:  7 / 10

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