August 22, 2015

The Pact - The Movie

Well, I just watched the Lifetime movie 'The Pact', which is supposedly based on the novel by Jodi Picoult.  It was not anywhere near the same story.


Well, the characters were the same and Emily died, but other than that, I didn't recognize it.

The glaring differences:

1.  In the book, Emily's mother burned her diary, forcing Chris to face trial.  In the movie, she gave it to Chris' mother, proving his innocence.

2.  I never saw Chris in jail in the movie.  In the novel, the jail scenes are important and tell a whole story themselves.

3.  The restaurant restroom abuse of Emily never happened in the movie.  Her reason for suicide was simply that her family was dysfunctional and she was tired of the falseness and lies.  And she thought her mother couldn't handle her getting pregnant.

All in all, a poor example of a movie based on a book.  The film of My Sister's Keeper was changed from the book, but was still a good movie.  I liked the movies made from Plain Truth and Salem Falls, both of which were more true to the original text.  This one, I give no stars.

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