August 22, 2016

Spiritwalk by Charles de Lint

Title:  Spiritwalk
Author:  Charles de Lint
Pages:  398
Genre:  Fantasy
Publisher:  TOR, 1992
Series:  Moonheart, Book 2

Synopsis:  Tamson House, in modern, urban Ottawa, is a rambling, eccentric curiosity of a house -- and a place of hidden Power.  Built at a point were the leylines meet, upon land that was once a sacred site, it is the gateway to a spirit-world where Celtic and Native American magicks mingle and leak into our own.

In the overgrown garden of Tamson House, a Coyote Man waits, green children walk, and music rises to greet the moon.  From the garden, a vast and primal wood is just one spirit-step away...and in that wood is something that threatens the very existence of Tamson House, and all who dwell within.

Review:  There are four short stories and one novella in this book.  They are all based on the same house and most of the same characters as Moonheart but they are additional stories, which all take place after the events in Moonheart.

I have a really hard time with short stories and novellas for the most part.  I do love Charles de Lint, but this book took me just over a full week to read.  That's really a long time for me to be on one book.  I've got to find some books that move a little more quickly if I'm going to meet my goals for this year.  I love the ideas and the fantasy in this book, but I didn't love it anywhere near as much as I did Moonheart.

Rating:  6.5 / 10

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