September 4, 2016

Start of September Wrap-Up

Better late than never!  This wrap-up runs from July 15 through today.  I'm struggling just a little bit.  I've been choosing books that are taking a really long time to finish.  I'm not sure I'll ever meet my new goal for the Mount TBR Reading Challenge, but I'll sure try.  Plus, I met my original goal, so that counts for something!!

But, I have completed two new challenges -- 20 Books of Summer and Flights of Fantasy!  That's a total of 14 ~ only 2 more to go to complete the Reading Challenge Addict!!

I loved Moonheart by Charles de Lint the very best this time around!

Eight new states for the Around the World Reading Challenge for a total of 35!  This has become one of  my very favorite challenges!

I'm really feeling blessed this year.  I have plenty of time to read and plenty of wonderful books to choose from.

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