December 5, 2016

The Tower of Air by James Dashner

Title:  The Tower of Air
Author:  James Dashner
Pages:  280
Genre:  Juvenile Fantasy Fiction
Publisher:  Sweetwater Books, 2012
Series:  Jimmy Fincher Saga, Book 3

Synopsis:  Jimmy Fincher has been given two powerful gifts and with them a responsibility he wouldn't wish on his worst enemy.  Time is running out and Jimmy, along with his family and the Alliance, finds himself in a desperate search for the Third Gift.  Their journey will take them from the depths of the ocean to the scorching sands of the desert.

The entire world is on the edge of chaos.  The Shadow Ka are evolving.  The skies are growning dark with the mysterious taint of the Stompers.  The Black Curtain is ripping once again.  And the most terrifying secret of all is about to be revealed at last -- the identity of the Stompers.

They are no longer coming.  They are here.

Review:  Well, this was a really great book!  It was exciting and funny and full of plain good storytelling.  I believe I liked this one even better than the first.  I'm so glad I continued this series.  I'm ready to start the final book tomorrow and I can't wait to find out what happens!

Jimmy Fincher, his family and his friends are wonderful characters, each completely original and believable.  And, I admit, this one was a little scary.  It was, even to me, and I do love a good scary story.

Rating:  9 / 10

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