January 11, 2017

The Time of Madness by Thomas K. Martin

Title:  The Time of Madness
Author:  Thomas K. Martin
Pages:  244
Genre:  Fantasy
Publisher:  ACE, 1998
Series:  MageLord, Book 2

Synopsis:  The Magelord is defeated; the dragon is dead. But a new evil is alive in the land. The king is crippled by his fear of the Power, and his First Knight, Mathen, delights in hunting down and destroying all those who possess that which is forbidden. All fall victim to Mathen's unreasoning wrath. But a young noble named Ian risks all to forge a route of escape for those in danger--and on his perilous journey, discovers the Power within himself.

Review:  This book was even better than the last one!  I had more reading time this week and finished it in just two days.  I'm going to start the third (and last) book in this series tomorrow.  I hope it's going to be as exciting as this one was.

Most of the same characters from the last book make a reappearance in this one.  Two of the new ones are worth mentioning.  Ian is a young man with courage and honor and a kind heart.  Mathen, the priest, is exactly his opposite - full of hatred and violence.  They are both great characters.

The ending and epilogue promised more fun and excitement.  I just hope good wins in the end!

Rating:  8.5 / 10

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