February 2, 2011

The Elf Queen of Shannara by Terry Brooks

Title:  The Elf Queen of Shannara
Author:  Terry Brooks
Format:  HC
Pages:  403
Genre:  Fantasy
Publisher:  Del Rey, 1992
ISBN-13:  978-0785706205
Series:  Shannara, Book 6

Favorite Quotes:  The dark eyes blinked, and he gave her a strange look.  Then I will not die until you are ready for me to do so.

"He gave his life for you, Lady Wren," Triss offered solemnly.  "He stood over you when the Wisteron would have claimed you and fought to keep you safe.  None of us would have fared as well.  We tried, but only Garth had the strength.  Keep that as your memory of him."

Synopsis (Amazon):  Find the Elves and return them to the world of Men!" the shade of the Druid Allanon had ordered Wren.  It was clearly an impossible task. The Elves had been gone from the Westland for more than a hundred years. There was not even a trace of their former city of Arborlon left to mark their passing. No one in the Esterland knew of them -- except, finally, the Addershag.  The blind old woman had given instructions to find a place on the coast of the Blue Divide, build a fire, and keep it burning for three days. "One will come for you."

Tiger Ty, the Wing Rider, had come on his giant Roc to carry Wren and her friend Garth to the only clear landing site on the island of Morrowindl, where, he said, the Elves might still exist, somewhere in the demon-haunted jungle.  Now she stood within that jungle, remembering the warning of the Addershag: "Beward, Elf-girl. I see danger ahead for you . . . and evil beyond imagining." It had proved all too true.
Wren stood with her single weapon of magic, listening as demons evil beyond all imagining gathered for attack. How long could she resist?

And if, by some miracle, she reached the Elves and could convince them to return, how could they possibly retrace her perilous path to reach the one safe place on the coast?

Review:  Wow.  Just wow.  When Mr. Brooks sets his mind to it, he can really write a fantastic story.  This is my favorite book so far in this series.  The strong, silent Garth, the adorable Tree Squeak Faun, and Wren are all wonderful, memorable characters.  There are plenty more good characters, too, along with loads of edge-of-your-seat adventure.  The story is well-written and impossible to put down.  I loved this book.

Rating:  5 / 5


  1. I'm afraid to say that I never made it past The Sword of Shannara by Terry Brooks, which I found too derivative, but rave reviews like this of his novels do make me wonder what I am missing. Maybe I ought to give him another go? Thanks for the review :-)

  2. The Sword of Shannara was by far the worst of this series. Some of the books are better than others, but I'd still recommend giving them another try.


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