April 28, 2011

The Marked Man by Charles Ingrid

Title:  The Marked Man
Author:  Charles Ingrid
Format:  PB
Pages:  238
Genre:  Science Fiction
Publisher:  DAW, 1989
ISBN-13:  978-0886773960
Series:  Marked Man, Book 1

Favorite Quote:  The young lady raised her chin and said softly, "Children don't come in litters," answering the big, scaled warrior.

Synopsis (Amazon):  When genetic manipulation led to a plague that decimated mankind and created terrifying mutations, a small group of scientists tried to breed humans back to a pure form. And Thomas Blade and his fellow Lord Protectors--gifted with amazing psychic abilities--stood guard against the mutant Denethan, sworn to complete the destruction of the "true" human race.

Review:  This book started out very slow.  After about the first 40 or so pages, it picked up the pace.  The basic storyline is interesting and, while not exactly original, taken in new directions.

The two main characters, Blade and Lady, are well-written until their expected love affair.  After that, they changed greatly and become far less interesting.  The supposedly evil Denethan was far more intriguing.  Unfortunately, he wasn't fully introduced until almost the end of the book.  I would like to have learned more about him.

The androids populating the hidden College Vault are the remnants of the old civilization and they seem willing to go to any lengths to return the human species to what it once was, including killing off the current humans.  Again, old technology going awry is hardly new, but this novel did have some interesting twists.  However, it's just not a book I cared for all that greatly.  I won't be reading the second book in this series.

Rating:  5 / 10  

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