April 26, 2011

Millennium by John Varley

Title:  Millennium
Author:  John Varley
Format:  PB
Pages:  246
Genre:  Science Fiction
Publisher:  Ace, 1989
ISBN-13:  978-0441531837
Series:  Stand Alone

Favorite Quote:  The sludge I use for blood was being replaced with something that's half fluorocarbons and half mountain dew.  I guarantee it'll get the sleepy dust out of your eyes.

Synopsis (Amazon):  In the skies over Oakland, California, a DC-10 and a 747 are about to collide. And in the far distant future, a time-travel team is preparing to snatch the passengers, leaving prefabricated smoking bodies behind for the rescue teams to find.

Review:  I love when a good Science Fiction novel surprises me.  I really thought I had it all figured out, at least until the last chapter.  Then, I realized, I was seeing exactly what I was supposed to see and everything was absolutely different than I had thought.

This book is full of strange futuristic people and machines.  There was some outlandish science that went over my head, but it didn't take away from the story.  It has some really funny sections and some others that are just depressing.  The main characters, Louise and Bill, are not especially nice or kind people, but I ended up really liking them anyways.

I remember, once again, why I do love John Varley.  This book was just really great, like all the other books I've ever read by him.  I highly recommend this fast-paced novel to anyone who loves a good time-travel story.

Rating:  9 / 10

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