February 22, 2012

The Inner Circle by Brad Meltzer

Title:  The Inner Circle
Author:  Brad Meltzer
Format: HC
Pages: 448
Genre: Thriller
Publisher: Grand Central, 2011
ISBN-13: 978-0446577892
Series: Stand Alone

Favorite Quote:  "You may be right.  But then I keep thinking...the whole purpose of the Plumbers was to take people you trust and use them to build a wall around you.  That wall protected you and insulated you.  And now that wall is gone," I say.  "So what're you gonna do now, sir?"  Standing from my seat and heading for the door, I add, "You have a good night, Mr. President."

Synopsis (PBS):  #1 New York Times bestselling author Brad Meltzer returns with a pulse-pounding new novel of lies and deception at the highest levels of government. There are stories no one knows. Hidden stories. I love those stories. And since I work in the National Archives, I find those stories for a living.So says Benjamin January, a young archivist who spends his days working with the most important documents of the U.S. government. When Clementine Kaye, his first childhood crush, shows up at the Archives asking for his help tracking down her long-lost father, Benjy tries to impress her by showing her the secret vault where the President of the United States privately reviews classified documents. It is also where Benjy and Clementine accidentally happen upon a priceless artifact-a 200-year-old dictionary that once belonged to George Washington-hidden inside a desk chair. Eager to discover why the President is hiding this important national treasure, the two soon find themselves entangled in a web of deception, conspiracy, and murder that will reveal the most well kept secret of the U.S. Presidency.

Review:  I discovered this author not that long ago, sometime last year I believe, and I really do like his books.  He reminds me of Tom Clancy.  Perhaps his books aren't quite as good as Mr. Clancy's, but they are a good substitute. 

I liked the main characters, but I especially enjoyed Tot, the older archivist who is Benjamin's mentor.  I even liked the psychopath, Nico, and ended up feeling pretty sorry for him in the end. 

There was plenty of action.  Several people died.  There were shootouts and car chases.  In other words, pretty much what you expect from a Thriller.

I didn't see the ending coming until it came.  I wasn't sure who were the bad guys and who were the good guys until the last few pages.  I love when a book keeps me guessing and surprises me. 

Rating:  8 / 10

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