April 17, 2017

O ~ One Thing

The One Thing I love the most.  Yes, of course, I love books (and dogs, and games, and many other things).  But the thing I love best I love because of my books -- my bookshelves.  It's where all my old friends and my (hopefully) soon-to-be new friends hang out.

When I move, the bookshelf is last thing packed and the first thing unpacked.  I keep my books in alphabetical order by author and then by title.  I've used stacked milk crates.  I've had bookshelves built out of used cardboard boxes and tape which I considered a real triumph of ingenuity (see photo!).

Currently, I have what I would call a 'fancy shelf'.  I purchased it at Walmart and I put together myself with a screwdriver, a hammer, and some curse words.  Sure, the books are double-stacked but I always know where to find the next one I plan to read and, when you have as many books as I do, that's pretty important!


  1. Sounds like my shelving system! At least it was when I still had shelves to put them on...and more physical books than ebooks. I lost a bunch of books to water damage several years ago, plus being perpetually broke, as soon as I got the Kindle app for my laptop I started downloading all the free books I could find. Now I have way over 7000 books on my Kindle app, and maybe 100 or so physical books (and most of them are on one set of metal shelves, and I have to keep yelling at my furry grandbaies---year-old kittens---to quit knocking Grandma's books over when they jump onto the shelves, usually either on their way to or down from the top of the door. Sometimes they just decide to lay on the books. They're brats.

  2. I have 6 big bookshelves and 2 small.(that's what happens as you get older and love books - you collect tooo many!) But I really have to sort and give some away. It will be hard to do.

    1. Oh, I'm jealous. I so hope I can get more bookshelves soon! We're buying a house and I already see the third bedroom as a library. No more double stacking!!

  3. This makes complete sense to me. I keep my books grouped loosely by subject. Not alphabetically. It's chaos for anyone looking for a book but makes perfect sense to me. I anyway don't want anyone touching my books.
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  4. I have bookshelves throughout the house and the books are shelved according to subject - and whatever whim took me! - and it drives people mad when they're looking for something. Perhaps I'm just telling them in my own way not to touch my books ;-) Happy A-to-Z-ing.

  5. You are very organized with your books! It would make it so much easier to find books when they are arranged by title and author like you have them.

  6. I am currently packing my books up for a move, and also sorting them. Both are a pain, but I could not imagine leaving them behind...

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  7. I love organizing bookshelves. I like to put all the books by one author or subject together. Every time I move books to another shelf, it takes awhile to get used to their new arrangement. I still miss the huge, tall bookshelf my dad made when he was in college. My family left it behind or sold it after our depressing move out of New York State when I was sixteen.

  8. I think it's pretty darn clever to make bookshelves out of cardboard boxes. It is so expensive to buy enough shelves for the number of books I want to keep. Eventually, I end up giving them away or stashing them in the storage room :-/

  9. Wow, I love that bookshelf. Its so neat.

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